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Top 5 Spring Fragrances For Men

With longer days and the sun beginning to break through those grey clouds, Spring feels as though it's knocking at our door.
As we're gradually starting to change our wardrobe (whilst keeping our fave thick jumper to hand for when the heavy clouds dominate over the sun...) we're looking for inspiration to update our winter warming fragrances to something more fresh and citrussy; something to put that spring back in our step!


We're presenting you with our SGS DEALS top 5 men's Spring fragrances from all the fragrance families - Wood, Amber, Floral and Fresh - in order for everyone to be able to enjoy an alluring new fragrance, whatever your preference.


In at number 5 we have Acqua Di Gio Aftershave Splash by Giorgio Armani, a fresh and floral fragrance for men.
This charming men's fragrance will be sure to get you compliments this spring with it's fresh fruitiness from notes of green tangerine, bergamot, neroli and persimmon - the love child of mango and sweet peppers with a pinch of cinnamon lingering in the background.
Fresh jasmine scent dances in the air alongside crisp rock rose and fragrant rosemary, all these wonderful fragrances combine into a heady mix of spring freshness.

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Number 4 is a must have for men who want more of an aromatic fragrance that will elevate their attractiveness to passers by.
Introducing Viking Cologne Eau De Parfum by Creed.
This stunning luxury men's fragrance has layer upon layer of amazing scents that gradually release as you are going about your day to day business, or at night entertaining guests.
Floral tones of lavender, geranium and bergamot freshen this complex fragrance, whilst the aromatic, woody undertones really round this fragrance off beautifully, thanks to the scents of sandalwood, smoky vetiver and cedar, not forgetting herby undertones of sage and rosemary combined with a hint of spice from the nutmeg and pink pepper, fragrantly rounded off with classic patchouli.
This gorgeous fragrance lingers for hours on end, ensuring you captivate the attention of everyone around you.
A definite must have this spring!

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This next fragrance at number 3 is a spicy, aromatic, floral combination of scents that produce a totally modern, masculine effect.
Bentley Infinite Intense Eau De Parfum is for the man who is all about making a striking first impression.
Its strong scents are of black pepper combined with geranium, lavender and violet. Its heart notes are rich in spicy essences - nutmeg, elemi (a valuable Arabian tree gum), Siam benzoin (the balmy scented resin of the styrax tree) and a hint of ambergris produce a totally masculine eroticising effect.
Woody undertones include smoky Haitian vetiver and cedar, mixed in a heady combination with musk - this is one of the most attractive fragrances for men in our opinion.

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Eros Eau de Toilette by Versace is in at number 2 with it's citrus zesty tones alongside oriental florals blended beautifully together with woody undertones.
Nothing says springtime like floral, citrussy scents floating through the air alongside woody notes reminding us of the longer spring/summer nights to come sat around a blazing chimenea with our friends and loved ones as the sun sets and the air begins to cool.
Geranium flower mixes beautifully with mint oil, which then gives way to green apple and Italian lemon zest.
Tonka bean then muscles it's way through, but is brought back into line by woody scents of oak moss and cedarwood, rounded off nicely with warm Madagascan vanilla. A stunning men's fragrance for the modern man.

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At number 1, and a men's fragrance that must be acknowledged due to it's popularity, timeless allure and masculine charisma is Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss - perfect for Spring because of it's fresh, woody tones, alongside hints of fruit.
Floral geraniums make their way through the woody hues of sandalwood, smoky vetiver, mahogany, olive tree and cedar mixing with the sweetness of vanilla, whilst hints of crisp apple and citrus make themselves known alongside aromatic hints of cinnamon and cloves.
Spring just wouldn't be the same without the classic fresh masculine aroma of Boss Bottled.

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