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Top 5 Unisex Spring Fragrances

Spring means one thing... A new signature fragrance to compliment our new Spring wardrobe!
Instead of segregating fragrances into men's and women's perfumes, we're introducing you to our Top 5 Unisex Spring Fragrances that celebrate all diverse identities.

These unisex fragrances are a harmonious symphony of scents, carefully curated to resonate with people of all walks of life, regardless of gender.
Fresh, fruity, floral, woody; whatever your preferred scent profile, here we present beautiful perfumes that be sure to put that spring in your step!

We begin at number 5, with Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea by Acqua di Parma. This is a stunning fragrance inspired by Panarea, an island suspended in time and the smallest and oldest of the Aeolian Islands.
This roll-on Eau de Toilette lightly caresses your skin with fragrant Myrtle - a scent similar to the sweet herbaceous smell of Eucalyptus followed by fresh, refreshing Juniper, beautifully paired with Citrus notes - the perfect gentle fragrance for everyone to try out this Spring if you're after subtle elegance.

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In at number 4, Incense City Eau de Parfum by Allsaints reminds us of those Spring evenings; the sun goes down and we sit around the blazing firepit with friends and loved ones. The gorgeous Incense and woody fragrances of Cedarwood and fresh Cypress evoke springtime feelings whilst looking forward to the Summer when we have more opportunities of sitting outside under the stars.


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Number 3 is an SGS DEALS office favourite; so much so, it's also featured in our Top 5 Spring Perfumes For Women blog post!
We're blown away by Blood Concept's +MA Eau de Parfum because Blood Concept fragrances usually encapsulate a mysterious vague metallic suspicion of blood in their scents;
but this one is different.
Think the light freshness of freshly washed and line-dried laundry alongside white powdery notes - the essence of Spring when we can finally hang our washing outside to dry!

 BLOOD-CONCEPT- +MA Eau de Parfum

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Our 2nd top unisex Spring fragrance in this line up is Eilish No 2 by Billie Eilish; a woody, floral, musky fragrance for women and men.
Spring fragrances aren't the same without a little fruitiness! And this gorgeous perfume provides us with fresh citrussy burst of Bergamot.
Alongside this are the floral tones of Apple Blossom, Poppy and Earthy Papyrus, blended beautifully together with the woody scents of smoky Palo Santo and Ebony.
And it doesn't end there! One scent that works in harmony with smoky woods is vanilla - and this unisex perfume does not disappoint!

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Our number 1 top spot out of our Unisex Fragrances this Spring has to be Tom Ford's Rose Prick Eau de Parfum.
The smell of spring is encapsulated in this one fragrance for men and women.
Three types of Rose scents dominate; May Rose, Bulgarian Rose and Turkish Rose, however they are not overpowering as they are expertly blended together in a gorgeous floral bouquet.
A gentle seasoning of fragrant Earthy Turmeric and Sichuan Pepper add depth alongside classic Patchouli and creamy, sweet Tonka Bean.
Rose Prick will be sure to turn heads this Spring!

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Brighten up your fragrance collection today with these stunning unisex perfumes, perfect for Spring to awaken and freshen us up out of Winter hibernation! 
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